ConveyUX! Be there! Feb 9-11 in Seattle

We are thrilled to be a sponsor for ConveyUX in Seattle! It's been a while since our MS days and we can't wait to get back to this cool city! Check out the awesome speaker lineup!

Knight Foundation Blog Mention

Just found an article from this summer where I was mentioned in. Very cool!  

New website is up!

I am incredibly thrilled to present the new UX Gofer website! Please take a look around. I will be building out the tutorials and FAQ based on customer feedback and questions, so please let us know what to add!

V1.2 is LIVE!

Just a quick note before the long weekend to let you know that we've pushed V1.2 into production. New features include: Added "Collect Data" link for each study. Bugs and glitchiness improved in the Participants Table Can choose to not have a Pilot session anymore NDA text is updated. You still need to update the content of it, but it is a place to start if you don't have one already. ...

Sales Demos as User Research Sessions

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been participating in sales demos and startup pitch events for UX Gofer and two other client projects. As a UX person, I haven’t really tagged along to these kinds of events and meetings before. In UX, we test o...